ASME OM-2020


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ASME OM-2020


Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants
standard by ASME International, 06/30/2020

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Establishes the requirements for preservice and inservice testing and examination of certain components to assess their operational readiness in light-water reactor power plants. It identifies the components subject to test or examination, responsibilities, methods, intervals, parameters to be measured and evaluated, criteria for evaluating the results, corrective action, personnel qualification, and record keeping. These requirements apply to:

(a) pumps and valves that are required to perform a specific function in shutting down a reactor to the safe shutdown condition, in maintaining the safe shutdown condition, or in mitigating the consequences of an accident;

(b) pressure relief devices that protect systems or portions of systems that perform one or more of these three functions; and

(c) dynamic restraints (snubbers) used in systems that perform one or more of these three functions.

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