ASTM Volume 15.09:2018


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ASTM Volume 15.09:2018


ASTM Book of Standards Volume 15.09 Paper and Paper Products; Business Imaging Products; Aerospace Personnel
standard by ASTM International, 06/01/2018

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Published annually in June.

This volume contains 42 standards.

Paper-specifications establish standard property requirements for paper and paper products; as well as tests for measuring bursting strength, folding endurance, moisture content, and tear resistance of paperboard and packaging material.

Packaging-standards cover child resistant packaging and closure systems; consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical packaging; fragility assessment; tape and labels; instrumentation; interior packaging; intermodal and unimodal cargo loading; shipping containers, and more.

Flexible Barrier Materials-standards cover food and consumer flexible barrier materials and medical device packaging barrier materials.

Business Imaging Products-tests and practices establish standard procedures for laser printer tests, electrostatic imagine, and ink jet imaging.

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