BS 2654-1:1965


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BS 2654-1:1965


Vertical mild steel welded storage tanks with butt welded shels for petroleum industry. Design and fabrication
standard by BSI Group, 09/03/1965

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BS 2654-1:1965 relates to the materials, design and fabrication or vertical mild steel cylindrical welt:!ed tanks for tho petroleum industzy, for erection above ground, of the following designs:

  • a. Non-pressure fixed roof tanks (all sizes).
  • b. Pressure fixed roof tanks (up to 128 ft diameter only).
  • c. Open-top tanks (all sizes).

This standard specifies tho use only of butt-welded shells and includes reference to mountings, stairways and hand railings.

This standard does not include the design and construction of floating roofs.

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