BS 6360:1969


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BS 6360:1969


Specification for copper conductors in insulated cables and cords
standard by BSI Group, 01/17/1969

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This British Standard gives requirements for plain or tinned annealed and plain or tinned hard drawn copper conductors in insulated cables and cords. It deals with solid, stranded, bunched and multiple stranded circular conductors, and solid and stranded shaped conductors of the sizes included in the varius British Standards for electric cables in metric units, but it does not relate to the folloiwng:

1) Conductors for use in coils of machines and apparatus.
2) Conductors for aircraft cables.
3) Conductors for telecommunication cables.
4) Conductors for radio-frequency cables.
5) Conductors for mineral insulated cables.
6) Conductors of special design, for example hollow-core conductors.

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