BS PD IEC PAS 63328:2020


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BS PD IEC PAS 63328:2020


Zhaga interface specification Book 1 and Book 12
standard by BSI Group, 11/02/2020

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This Book 12 defines LED Arrays with a rectangular shape and a circular light emittingsurface. For each LED Array, this Book 12 also defines the mechanical interface between theLED Array and the corresponding Holder. The mechanical interface between the Holder andthe Luminaire (e.g. outline, OCA and mounting holes) is defined in [Book-10].

The LED Arrays defined in this specification are intended to be mounted on a heat sink bymeans of a Holder and to be connected to a separate Electronic Control Gear. The lightoutput is essentially Lambertian to enable the Luminaire Optics to shape the application’sdesired light distribution from a defined input. The LED Arrays and Holders defined in thisBook 12 are intended to be installed and replaced by Luminaire manufacturers only.

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