FCI 15-1-2020


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FCI 15-1-2020


Standard for Production Testing of Pressure Regulators
standard by Fluid Controls Institute, 2020

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FCI 15-1-2020 establishes minimum guidelines for production testing of pressure regulators for use by manufacturers, specifiers, inspectors, and users to ensure testing of atmospheric leak tightness and seat leakage are completed at the factory before shipment.

This standard provides guidelines for documenting minimum production tests and determining pass/fail criteria for pressure regulators undergoing production tests in a manufacturing facility. It applies to most designs including self and pilot operated pressure reducing regulators, differential pressure regulators, pressure loaded regulators, and regulators with or without internal relief valves.

This standard includes pressure regulators which may have two static pressure ratings, one for the portion of the regulator subjected to the inlet pressure and the other for the portion subjected to the outlet pressure.

This standard does not cover capacity testing of pressure regulators which is covered in ANSI/FCI 99-2 and is not normally tested during a production test.

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